Books about Twinsouls

I read several books about Twinsouls ad Soulmates, and yes, on the one hand it is a very easy subject, on the other shand you need to know something about earlier lives, about the Origin of the Universe, and mankind, to understand the why of the energies which attract the souls, as a kind of a law.

The book “Finding your true spiritual partner” written by Patricia Joudry and Maurie Pressman however, reads very very easy, and is so much and deeply interesting that a world of Beauty opens.

The first time I read the word (did not even have heared of it) Twinsoul, something happened in me, and I guess in all of you. The word is excellent. We know intuitively what it means, and that it is what we are searching for: the completion of the Self. We all search it outside of us, but, as I learnd from a video made by Humanity Healing: you can find it in your own Self, there you are connected with your twinsoul, always. You ARE already one with your twinsoul.

In saw that video many many years after reading the word for the first time. It was in a book, written by Joseph Rulof. He writes about the twinsoul in more of his books, and I must say, though there is the book written by Patricia Joudry, so excellent, that what Joseph Rulof writes and explains that goes so much deeper. But it takes much more time to read those books. The first book: A view into the hereafter, starts very easy, but soon, after some chapters, you will enter other levels.

Books about Twinsouls, written by Joseph Rulof: