Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Multerland is an educational project about care for nature, natural health, ecology, and wholism. 

The name Multerland is derived from the word Multer. Multer are the Norwegian Cloudberries. They grow high in the mountains, close to the village where I live, on little plants with beautiful leafs. Multer are for me a symbol of strength and health. Of being vulnerable, looking like raspberries but not so soft, they are really strong and beautifully colored yellow, orange, and red. They taste a bit strange: not sweet, not sour, not bitter, it is a unique incomparable taste and one has to get used to it, to be able to give it the value it deserves. It is extremely healthy. There to nourish humans and animals and being capable at the same time to survive the very severe winters high up in the mountains, to survive in difficult circumstances. To be honest: I recognize my own qualities and characteristics in this beautiful berry. Click here for some more information about Multer, and here for a map with photos I made. 

There are two different pages with "Multerland": one with all the information, written in English, about Norway, and the other one with information about my new service for Netherlands: "House Sitter". You can read about it on this website, but it is written in Dutch. You can find both under "Multerland" on this website (top).

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