Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome in Norway! 

Multerland is a non profit educational project on internet about natural and spiritual healthcare, connected with Multerland videos and playlists on YouTube, Multerland photos on flickr, and Multerland on Twitter. In my Multerland blog I explain how to find the way to the natural self, to be your self, in balance with all layers of your existance. 

Multerland, why that name? It has a very special meaning. Multer are the Norwegian Cloudberries. They grow high in the mountains, on little plants with beautiful leafs. Multer are the reason that I came to Norway, to watch, eat and collect some of them for home-made marmelade, in August 2010, not more than that, but I stayed…. I live here now officially from December 2011, after emigrating from The Netherlands. Click here for some more information about Multer.

The new Multerland freetime-project is under development, as a part of the Multerland educational project about natural and spiritual healthcare in my blog. The freetime-project offers possibilities for people to escape from work and stress, to recharge in nature. This belongs to my philosophy about natural health care, to get healthy, to stay healthy. It is my own personal contribution to health care in common. Nature is a healer, has healing qualities. I live in nature, almost in National Parc Hallingskarvet. Far away from noise, crowds, cities, and stressing traffic.

You can read about this project here.

My entire network has grown from blogs to YouTube channels, Twitter and Google+ accounts and websites. You can find the links to my network when you look in the browser to "Blogs". There "links" will pop up as well. 

You are welcome to send me a message for information, or for answers on your questions about your personal physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health. You can send me a message from “Contact“ or by sending it (in English, of in het Nederlands) to

Antoinette Janssen    

naturopath/therapist in alternative medicine (medicinal herbs, Bach flower remedies, holistic massages) / teacher  


My Multerland, filmed by myself: